November 7th Election Day 16 Days to Go... Remember to VOTE!

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Hebron Town Office Building

Hebron Town Office Building

Hebron Town Office Building

Why I Am Republican



Hebron is a portrait of small-town America.  This place we call home is characterized by its farms, forests, historic edifices, places of worship, small enterprises, great schools, good neighbors, kind hearts and helping hands.  Through the vision and stewardship of many selfless people, Hebron shines as a community. 

During this election cycle for municipal offices, the Hebron Republican Town Committee will spotlight the following team of talented, well-qualified and sincere individuals that are poised to serve you and our community.

Board of Selectmen: Dan Larson

Board of Finance: Peter Kasper, Diane Del Rosso

Board of Education: Chris Aker

Planning & Zoning: Natalie Wood, Devon Garner, Jeffrey Cormier, Joseph Colletti (Alternate)

Board of Assessment Appeals: Phil LoBianco

Zoning Board of Appeals: Michael McCormack, Marty Halloran, Jim Petrozza (Alternate)

RHAM Board of Education: Rich Jacobson, Bruce Olmstead, Keith Petit.

They are a collection of accomplished, creative and incredibly dedicated volunteers and public servants who exude good will and positive energy.  Upon talking with them and by reviewing their credentials, you will find each of them to be worthy of your respect and support.

Hebron is our home. It is also a launch pad for future generations of what we hope to be healthy, happy, intelligent and productive people. Hebron’s uniqueness exists not by accident but through the purposeful design, pride and craftsmanship of caring people. Our candidates are committed to continuing this legacy.  They demonstrate remarkable abilities as well as tangible accomplishments. They are friends and neighbors as much as they are attentive leaders. Please consider them when you go to the polls on November 7th.


Catherine Marx, Chair

Hebron Republican Town Committee

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